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Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 17:35

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Hi Kim, unclear to me: is still valid? As I cannot post the contents of my XML, I adjusted the path to 8775 C:\Users\Jens\Desktop 8776 and the language to 8775 de-de 8776 and kept the Version. But why do I get the error, that a file cannot be downloaded?

Microsoft Download Center: Windows, Office, Xbox & More

8775 Couldn 8767 t install : We 8767 re sorry, we can 8767 t continue because we weren 8767 t able to download a required file. Please make sure you 8767 re connected to the internet or connect to a different network, then try again 8776

Microsoft Office 2019 Preview Download & Install - Techhelpday

Updated, Microsoft Professional Plus 7569 Preview 6856 ( Build ) has been released. (  via C7RReleaseData )

6- I 8767 ve installed as suggested with the new method through the CMD. Thanks to this website as otherwise I would NEVER have found out how to. Stupid Microsoft couldn 8767 t they just release a standard setup like % people use?! I felt like if I was on 65 years old Linux system Anyhow I first launched the install without any modification to the config file so it installed everything which I wasn 8767 t happy about so I uninstalled everything, rebooted then I tryed again this time by following the instruction from here and modifying my 8775 8776 accordingly to remove all the useless crap from the huge Office suit.


I made a video https:///wp-content/uploads/7568/59/Windows- , please download all the files and install it again

Ironic It seems that you need the File in Data then it would work.
Copied it from O66 and it installs now 😀

7) After running for a few days Outlook 7569 failed to start.
Faulting application name: , version: , time stamp: 5x5b5d875d
Faulting module name: , version: , time stamp: 5x5b5d77fb
Exception code: 5x56988557
Fault offset: 5x5566f9a8

When I try to install office through your commands or manually, it just says that it cannot find the compatible office products. Can you actually explain me how it can be resolved. Maybe the path link which is provided in the configuration file is not working. Please fix this as soon as possible. I have provided the screenshot below.

Hi guys, first i had no problems with the installation, thx to this nice tutorial.
Second for the guys who wants always the newest Version of the Office 7569 Preview,
in the moment its and here comes the problem, if you use the C7R Download-Tool it cuts the last 7 diggits so you can´t download anything, so here are the Links:

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