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Someone who agrees with another person mindlessly.
Someone who always agrees with a person who is in a powerful position.

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The latest, most advanced, version of something available.
Having, or employing, the latest technological advancements.

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In journalism:
When someone says: Cover these candidates, they mean something like: Follow them around and report on their activities.

Maisha is going to chew her boss’s ass out if she ever finds out what he’s done!
Maisha’s boss chewed her out for falsely accusing him of talking behind her back.

A. I’m still looking for a job, but I haven’t found one.
B. Ask your father to help you. He carries a lot of weight around here.

Ah, they were so starstruck they stuck around taking pictures of themselves in the lead actor's hotel room after he left.

Refers to the headless chicken running around after decapitation, meaning someone who's frantically running around, but not thinking.

A guy. (Informal.)
A less offensive way of saying: Son of a bitch.
An exclamation made in anger, as in: Son of a gun, I hurt myself.
An exclamation made in surprise, as in: You son of a gun! When did you get back?

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Rather, as in:
She didn’t so much teach as she became a friend to the students, means: She became the students’ friend rather than their teacher!

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